Daryl's Reel


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Listed below are samples of Daryl's recent presentation topics. Daryl has several other seminars in his repertoire if there’s a particular theme that isn’t covered below that interests you. Additionally, we are happy to discuss how we may create original content for your event. 

SEMINAR #1: What is the best low-cost, high-return method for improving customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty?

Research indicates some customer experiences are more emotional—and thus much more important—than others. This is why social and behavioral science disciplines are driving a wave of transformation across the field of customer experience. Identifying and understanding those experiences means managers can focus on the moments that matter most rather than ineffectively struggling to improve dozens or hundreds of touchpoints that scarcely matter at all. Learn how to discover, design and deliver the moments that most influence customer experience and satisfaction. Questions Daryl will address include: 

  • How are social and behavioral science disciplines applied to gain competitive advantage?
  • How do you discover and confirm which customer experience moments matter most?
  • How can you apply the Peak-End rule to optimize the moments that matter most?
  • What can you do to turn negative moments into positive experiences?
  • How can you use social and behavioral sciences to change customer perceptions and behaviors?

SEMINAR #2: Little Things Equal Big Returns

Abstract: 80% of companies believe they deliver a good customer experience but only 8% of customers agree. How is such a disparity possible? Daryl’s presentation explains why and how companies miss the little things that draw customers in or turn them away. Little things are human things—kindnesses and considerations that make an indelible impression that people never forget.

  • Learn what companies can do to close the experience gap. 
  • Discover how highly successful companies hone in on these critical customer experiences to create long-lasting loyalties. 
  • Understand what matters most to your customers and the low costs to implement these changes. 

SEMINAR 3: Find Truth, Win Friends & Influence People

Abstract: Powerful insights are most often rooted in human truth. But human truth won’t just leap out at you. It’s hidden. Surveys can’t navigate the complexities of human thought. Finding truth requires thoughtful social science disciplines that reveal what people can’t or won’t tell you.

Research emerging from Behavioral Economics, Persuasion Science and Social Physics is opening new horizons in our capabilities to understand unarticulated motivations and the true reasons behind human decision-making and behavior.

  • Discover powerful, proven and practical ideas how market researchers can find and leverage human truths. 
  • Learn how these approaches will help your brands win new customers and influence greater loyalty.
  • See how human truth will change the way you think about your customers and your business.