A business’ success rarely depends on advertising, but rather how its brand emotionally connects with its customers. Learn more through Daryl Travis' three books as he explores what really motivates people and how to deliver experiences that matter most to your customers. 



"Every CEO's job is to create value and build assets, and every company's most formidable asset is its brand.  Daryl's book is an important reminder that brands must be protected and nurtured.  Read it, take it to heart, and expect some amazing things to happen in your business."
—James Berrien, former President, Forbes Magazine
"Unlike so many other subtitles of books I have read recently, the subtitle for this one makes a promise which is kept.  Travis really does explainand explain brilliantly —'how successful brands gain the irrational edge.'  So can yours." 
—Robert Morris, Top 500 Amazon Reviewer & Business Consultant
"I've been in the business of building global brands for more than 25 years, and I've yet to read a better account of what it takes to make a brand.  Apply all the analytics you want to a great company or brand and in the end you'll find it comes down to how people feel about it.  This book reveals why."
—Thomas Oliver, former CEO of IHG
"Peppered with great case studies and compelling people to meet, including one of my favorites, Michael Abrashoff, this book is a really interesting way to dissect branding and what it really, truly means to a company.  Semantics aside, branding and customer experience only work when they connect with people in very real ways.  This book outlines a strong strategy on how to do that the right way.  Highly recommend it!"
—Jeannie Walters, CEO, 360Connext
"I thoroughly enjoyed Daryl Travis' journey through the heartbeat of brand strategy today and the frequent missteps marketer and strategists often make when getting lost in the facts and ignoring the feelings.  Daryl does a remarkable job crafting an engaging, digestible-yet-provoking commentary on how to capture the essence of your brand.  His compelling examples and stories are backed up by real-world examples from brands that have been (re)guided by Daryl and his innovative Brandtrust team.  This is a perfect read for your next business trip where you want to close the laptop for a couple of hours and expand the way you think about delivering value (however you might define it) to your customers and to your employees.  The title asks how it makes you feel and my answer is a resounding: inspired, armed and energized!"
—Adam Max, Sr. Manager Shopper Insights, General Mills
Little Things Big Returns 3D

How To Deliver Experiences That Matter Most To Your Customers

80 percent of companies believe they deliver a good customer experience. Yet, only 8 percent of customers agree. Why is there such a disparity? Where do companies go wrong? How can you optimize your customers’ experience? 

Little Things Big Returns reveals how companies miss the little things that draw customers in or turn them away. Most importantly, this book explains how companies can close the customer experience gap and realize big returns.

Research confirms little things happen in the moments that matter most to your customers. By little things I mean human things, the kindnesses and considerations that surprise people and create feelings that are never forgotten. When those experiences are memorable, customers become loyal and even fall in love with your company.

You’ll also learn how doing what matters most for your customers can cost very little yet produce big returns. Just change your attitude and resolve to make your customer’s experience the best it can be. After all, how much does it cost to change your attitude?


  • How to identify the little things that matter most to your customers
  • Why only a few customer experiences matter much more than others
  • How to optimize the most critical moments along your customers’ journey
  • How to design and deliver powerful customer experiences that cost very little
  • Why what matters most to your customer also matters most to your success
  • How many successful companies realize high returns from doing the little things

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Why Emotion Wins The Battle of Brands

Too much reliance on the rational brain can lead to ‘data, data everywhere and not a thought to think.’ In the future, marketers will stop drowning in data and starving for insights–and uncover those insights that can only be found in peeling back customers’ deep emotional layers.

This book is about the wisdom of feelings—the ability to create emotional connections with customers. It’s the story of how brands use emotional connections to create customer loyalty. It explores both the mystique and experience of brands. It shows how brands with a higher purpose—those that find meaning in how they help to improve lives—build bigger profits not through altruism but rather through the clearly defined contribution they make to the world at large. Citing examples, this book shows how to be a leading brand, as well as a leader of brands. It elaborates on what to do and what to avoid in brand creation and brand maintenance. It tells the stories of great brands big and small, with insights on how those brands achieved their success.

Emotional Branding 3D

How Successful Brands Gain the Irrational Edge

How do you launch a product in today's ultra-competitive and often saturated markets, break through the clutter, and develop strong and lasting customer loyalty? Get in touch with your customers' deepest emotions, of course.

Emotional Branding teaches you the how's and why's of, "How does our product or service make our customers feel?" Author, Daryl Travis, leads you on a journey filled with colorful ideas and bottom-line lessons that will teach you how to instill brand loyalty in your customers. Whether you are a CEO, an advertising guru, or an innovative businessperson, you will discover how to use a brand's mystique to create powerful and lasting emotional connections with your customers. Travis also addresses:

  • Branding as a product of intuitive thinking 
  • How people develop emotional responses to brands 
  • Bringing together a company's elements to form a brand 
  • Developing successful offshoot brands from existing ones 
  • And much more!